Welcome to ePROBE GmbH (Erfurt, Germany)

ePROBE - battery analysis technology solutions - is a subsidiary of NMR SERVICE. Our portfolio includes in situ/operando NMR probes for energy storage materials research, controllers, in situ NMR cells, various accessories, and consultancy services.


ePROBE manufactures static, solid-state in situ/operando NMR probes for energy storage materials research including batteries, supercapacitors, and flow chemistry/redox flow cells. Our probes combine the NMR/RF features with an electrochemical setup. Combined with our controllers and accessories, we offer complete technology solutions for in situ NMR applications of any kind.


We offer consultancy services on in situ NMR in energy storage materials research. This includes support on hard- and software as well as experimental planning. We support you virtually (video calls/tutorials) and on-site. We are resourceful with a strong, world-wide network of industry partners and research laboratories for in situ NMR applications.


A representative selection of information on magnetic resonance in energy storage materials research including outreach data, peer-reviewed publications with ePROBE involvement, video tutorials, handouts, and flyers on our products/accessories for download.


Join ePROBE! We are always looking for applicants with a strong background in solid-state NMR spectroscopy, battery research/characterisation, and energy storage materials. We are also looking for people with other skill-sets, e.g. office management, personal assistance, programming/IT scientists, electrical engineers, precision mechanics, etc. Please check our current advertisements. Please contact us if you have questions or wish to send us an initiative application.