Technical University Darmstadt (DE)

We collaborate with the research laboratories of Prof. Gerd Buntkowsky and PD Dr. Torsten Gutmann on in situ NMR application experiments. Edina Šińá is an application specialist/consultant with ePROBE on in situ NMR.

University of Cambridge (UK)

We collaborate with the laboratory of Prof. Dame Clare P. Grey on in situ NMR probes and technologies. Dr. Oliver Pecher is still part of the laboratory as an application specialist for solid-state NMR experiments. Dr. Marie Juramy and Dr. Jana B. Fritzke in Cambridge are scientific consultants to ePROBE on in situ NMR and DNP NMR in energy storage materials research.

Columbia University (USA)

We collaborate with Prof. Lauren E. Marbella on in situ NMR probes for coin cells and high-power MAS probes for low-gamma nuclei investigations.

Radboud University Nijmegen (NL)

We collaborate with Prof. Evan W. Zhao on flow cell technologies for in situ NMR applications.

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